Website Design & Development in Leeds

At Serif we have three dedicated teams working together to give our clients a one stop shop for the perfect website. The teams work closely together on projects headed up by a dedicated account manager. The teams are the projects team, the .php development team and the design and graphics team.

Dedicated website development team

Serif are often chosen by you or your design company to develop your site because of our experience and expertise. We have been involved in design and development for websites from the mid 90's, firstly providing development services and training for the design industry and then expanding to provide a range of bespoke development services. There are now lots of web agencies around but when bespoke development is required then Serif is a natural choice.

Here are a few of our current developed sites, most of these are based on our own BuildCMS system, it's so good we use it for 95% of our development. Having a new website based on a content management system gives you the control to keep your content fresh and relevant.

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