Your old mail form contact data is going to be deleted!

We are making changes to our Build suite of products to help you comply with the new GDPR regulations.

This is the first of several notices you will be receiving and this email pertains to the Form data on your website.

If your BuildCMS or BuildCommerce website contains Mail-form pages then this data is stored on our site database for your retrieval at a later date.

The new GDPR legislation states that you should give notice when data is collected, why it is being collected, what it is used for and include this in your privacy policy. As no sites give this disclaimer at present we have decided that all form data needs to be removed prior to the new legislation coming into effect. We will therefore remove ALL form data on the morning of 25th May 2018.

The new GDPR legislation also states that you should not keep personal data longer than needed and as the forms nearly always contain email or contact information we have taken the view that we will remove any data that is over 1 year old on a six monthly basis (which would mean that you would only ever have data a maximum of 18 months old in the system). If you feel that the data you collect falls outside these limits then we can look at creating a bespoke solution for your GDPR compliance.

Moving forward we will then remove any records over 1 year old on the closest working day after 1st January and 1st June from 2019 onwards. 

Please note – this is just the data that people have submitted to the forms. None of your front end website will be affected.To export your data for your own use then please log into your admin tools (link below) and go to the Mail-form pages you wish to download the data from and the export link is there.



If you have any data that is contained in your website or shop (outside standard forms) that you believe requires bulk removal under the new GDPR rules then please contact us to discuss its removal.

Unfortunately Serif Systems Ltd. cannot provide advice regarding your compliance with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), however we have partnered with Jane Robson of JK Total Business Solutions who will be able to provide you with all of the expert advice and guidance you require. 

Please feel free to contact her at or call her on 07804 773520.

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