Should you run your website securely on https:// with an SSL certificate?

We are advising all our website clients that they need to run their websites using an SSL certificate, this allows us to run your domain using a secured connection which protects your customer data and complies with the new GDPR requirements.

This will mean that your website will run on the more secure https:// rather than the standard http://

In order to achieve this we need to purchase a security certificate for you and install it on the web platform.

When you go to a website, if the web address starts with http:// all the data that your browser sends and receives to the server is in open text. So if you log into your CMS admin panel, your user id and password are transmitted across the internet in clear text that anyone could read. So it’s entirely possible that someone who is watching the web traffic to your website could grab your user id and password as it was sent.  But if you have set up an SSL cert correctly on your web server, the URL becomes https:// (the “s” for “secure”), and all data transmitted back and forth is encrypted. This is especially important if you’re collecting any private data on your website like credit card information.

Also, Google is telling us that setting up SSL on your website is important, and it’s actually a ranking factor. They are telling us we need three things:
* A mobile-responsive site
* A fast website (small graphics)
* A secure website

They want peoples’ experiences to be secure

The cost for the certificate, installation and admin is £115 per year.

If you want to go ahead with this or find out more please send an email to George gsmith{at}


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