Have You Tried the New BuildCMS Tools?

After several months of development, we are proud to announce that our new BuildCMS tools pages are now live. Although our current tools are still available, the new site offers a number of improvements that we are sure you’ll love. For the time being, customers are free to use either set of tools pages to manage their website, and we would love to hear what you think of them.

Visiting the new tools, the first change you will notice is that we have integrated Google Analytics right into your dashboard. Now you can see your site’s traffic every time you log in. And to make it even easier to know how your website is performing, we have added two additional pages of analytics, giving you an insight into your visitors and how your pages are performing.

We have also refreshed the design. With larger text, more spacing and new icons across your tools pages, managing BuildCMS sites is now even easier. And with a site menu now appearing at the top of every page, you can jump to whichever tools page you need from anywhere.

Behind the scenes we’ve made many technical improvements. You will find them more reliable and much faster. And our improvements will provide a foundation for developing even more cool, new features.

Visit my.buildcms.co.uk now to give them a try.

And please let us know any issues or suggestions you have by clicking the feedback button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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