BuildCMS - What’s new?

We have two amazing bits of news for you this month!

1. BuildCMS moves to the Cloud!

We have been busy for the last three months preparing to move our services from our data centre to a new cloud platform.

Having the Build services in the cloud will improve the system on so many levels including resilience, load balancing, speed etc. As well as improved reliability we will also be able to admin the system better therefore giving us more time to improve the features of the system.

We expect to make this move before the end of June!

2. New picture cropping and resizing

We are upgrading the assets features so that when you upload your images you will be able to re-size and crop images within the tools.

For some this will be the first time they have had this ability and for those of you who have image editing software and already have this ability then this update will make editing images even easier.

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