BIG changes to the editing system this week!

We have made some significant changes to BuildCMS HTML editor and Resource (images, documents, etc.) browser.

The new editor has a fresh-look and loads faster. The new version of the resource browser has lots of functionality such as copy, paste, and move items - drag-and-drop; create sub-folders and organise resources by date, file size; search for resources; ability to download a complete folder with resources; and many more cool features.

However, Gallery page is still using the previous version of the editor and we are planning to upgrade it as well, in to the new editor in the near future.

Although, we have tested the changes made thoroughly, with such a massive number of standard and bespoke page types, some bugs may have slipped through. If you find any problems with editing the website content and browsing the resources using the editor and file browser please let us know.

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