AH Paralegal Training logo Design Process

Recently, we have completed a new logo for a client, AH Paralegal Training.

We're very proud of the completed design and the client loves it, so in this post I will take you through the design process to show you how we ended up with the finished design.

Stage One: Client Brief

The first step towards creating the logo was to interview the client to determine facts that would help focus the design process. We knew that the client's website was to be redesigned and that the new logo would determine its look and feel .

We asked about the purpose of the website. The target audience and what type of style or colour scheme they envisioned. With this information we could draw up the following brief:

Client: AH Paralegal Training

Site: www.ahparalegal.co.uk

Brief: Create a new logo for AH Paralegal Training,a company that offers practical skills courses for people wanting to work as a freelance paralegal. The website's main target audience is undergraduate and graduate law students.

The logo had to meet the following criteria:

  • Look profession and enticing.
  • have a bright and fresh colour scheme.
  • Avoid resembling 'auto magazine' style -i.e. no slanted 'speedy' feel
  • Suggested colours: grey and pink or purple. Blues and greys. Use of Gradients.

Stage Two: Rough Scetches

We started off the project by researching popular logo trends for 2013 as well as looking at recently refreshed designs for major brands. Modern, fresh logos use minimalism, geometric figures, rounded type and overlays in their designs. Using this as inspiration the first stage was to draw up a series of rough initial sketches. We then presented our sketches to the client to see which approach best suited the company.

In many ways the design process can be likened to an explosion in reverse: a dozen small chaotic thoughts slowly come together and get more defined until they become a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing whole. The logo design started with lots of rough drawings to see what works and what doesn't

Stage three: First Drafts

The response from the client was that they wished to go with a lowercase logo and that they liked the overlapping lowercase style. From this we created first draft of the logo using simple rounded shapes using circles as the base of the letters with rounded ascenders and desenders.

This resulted in the letters of the logo all working well together and the 'a' and 'p' having a mirror image quality that gave symmetry to the design. We then experimented with different approaches to having the letter flow into each other. At this stage we were not concentrating on the colour scheme too much but chose grey and pink for the draft from the client's initial suggestions.

Stage Four: Colour Drafts

With the design coming together we went back to the client. They liked the first design but wanted the lettering altered to make more of a distinction between the 'a' and 'p'. They also liked the colours and the overlapping but needed to see a few different colour schemes.

With the client's feedback in hand, we refined the design further. We worked through different ways in which the letters could connect and overlap until we settled on a look that we felt worked best. We also added an ascender to the 'a' in order to distinguish it more. Then we created a selection of colour schemes and methods of overlapping including the grey, pink, purple and grey colour schemes suggested by the client.

The it was back to the client, who was able to use the various options to narrow the design down.

Stage Five: Final Logo Design

With the colour scheme chosen, the client asked for one final alteration: to extend the desender of the 'p' to distinguish it more from the 'a' and include a strapline. With that done, the design process was complete and the client had a fresh, modern logo to act a centrepiece for their business and new website.

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