#GraveChat with John Edwards Walking Free

We are proud to be supporting 'Walking Free' who work hard supporting addicts and their families.

Picture of John EdwardsJohn Edwards the founder of Walking Free part of the "Fathers Heart Ministries" and is a former drug addict and charity worker, he has decided to be buried for 3 days and broadcast the whole event live from within the grave on his website and plans to interact with people on social media.

John Edwards, 61, plans to be buried on Friday 22nd of July in a grounds of a community centre in Halifax in a bid to raise awareness for his ministry and reach out to as many people as possible in hopes to reduce the amount of funerals he has to attend.

John said:

"I have been to so many funerals over the years that I feel desperate to stop others going down the same path.

John will stream his incarceration live via his smartphone:

"The idea of live streaming was so people could hear about my experiences and those of other addicts. I am also hoping that others will share their experiences and what they are going through, so maybe I can help them while I am in the grave."

Contact John in the grave!

He will be available on Skype under the username 'GRAVECHAT', you can also email him at live@walkingfree.org.
You can even tweet your questions and show support on Twitter by tweeting under the hashtag #GraveChat!

We have designed the site for the charity 'Walking Free' and will be providing on-demand IT support to help John achieve his online goals such as; Live streaming during this event, as we are his Technology Partner. 

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The important links you need for the big event:

Fun fact

The dimensions of the coffin John will be calling home for his 3-day stay:
8ft long, 3.5ft high and 4ft wide (2.4m x 1m x 1.3m), this will give him some room to move about.
He will receive food and water through a pipe.

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