Search Engine Optimisation Services

image of Google Yahoo & Bing letteringDoes your site make top few pages in the search engine listings?

Does your site need to be listed in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo? When we build a website from the ground up we focus entirely on this outcome. Unfortunately, not everyone does so, in the event that your site isn't getting noticed, we have developed the following series of optimisation processes to get your site back on the radar.


This first step is to recognise your websites keywords or phrases. These are what your target audience will be putting into the search engines. For example: "Holiday Resorts" or "Holiday Resorts in Greece". We weigh up the competitiveness of potential keywords and compile a list of our suggestions.

Comprehensive website audit & competitor analysis

This is an assessment of your websites present effectiveness, we also look at page load times, broken links and any other design or functional problems that might be getting in the way of your visitors making that purchase or choosing that call to action. If your site is not performing well for your chosen keywords, then who is, why? Can we learn from what they have already found out?


The result of the audit is our recommendations document. Here we lay down a clear plan forward to improve your rankings or solving any design problems to make your site easier to navigate.
Amongst other things, this could include regular SEO techniques such as rewriting your page titles, page URLs, headings, writing better text or providing regular blog/news posts.

Monthly SEO position reporting & competitor analysis

We will keep you informed on a monthly basis on how you site is ranking for the selected keywords compared to your competition and what improvement the site is making.

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