Internet Connectivity & Networking

Internet Access

We are experts at providing Internet Access to small businesses through to large multi-site global clients.

Can you remember 28k dialup modems? We can, that is how far back we have been providing internet access to our customers. This grew to the most recent technologies of Broadband, Leased Line & Fibre services.

We provide our customers with a broad selection of access methods to connect to the Internet. From single site businesses that just require business ADSL to multi-site organisations that require Ethernet Leased Lines. We can provide the technology to connect them to the cloud, either openly or privately.

Our internet access services include:

Service Speeds Infrastructure Contention Ratio
Broadband upto 20mb Copper 10 to 1
Fibre Broadband (FTTC) upto 80mb Copper & Fibre 10 to 1
GEA FTTC upto 320mb Copper & Fibre 1 to 1
Ethernet First Mile (EFM) 2mb to 10mb Copper & Fibre 1 to 1
Ethernet 10mb to 10Gb Fibre Optic 1 to 1
Microwave Ethernet upto 2Gb Radio & Fibre 1 to 1

The Carriers / Backbone Providers

Through years of experience at delivering internet access solutions, we know where to source the best of breed carrier networks across the UK, Europe & Internationally. We also access small boutique local UK carrier networks that provide specialist internet connectivity for a wide range of diverse projects.

Optimum Speeds

We don’t over contend our Broadband or Fibre Broadband services resulting in poor customer download speeds. We don’t apply any rules, rate limit or reduce your optimum speed in any way. What you can get to your site is what we provide.

Unlimited Usage

We provide to businesses and providing a high quality connection to our customers is paramount. Almost all of our connectivity products (Except Fibre to the Premises) have no bandwidth download limits or traffic shaping at any time of the day. We provide the full throughput of the line and run a low contended network which provides excellent performance when customers wish to utilise Voice over IP on the line. Our products range from Standard Business Broadband right through to Ethernet, Leased Line and dedicated internet access.

Managed Installations

With our access technologies we provide un-managed and managed options. We can provide all our difference access methods with Managed CPE (router) including service level agreements to suit your business. We can also provide our access services without the necessary router for you utilise your own preferred manufacturer.

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