Avast Business CloudCare

Eliminating IT Headaches

Improve your protection, simplify and streamline IT management and boost productivity with “pay-as-you-go” services designed specifically for the smaller and medium sized businesses.

Stay protected

Know you will stay protected at the highest level whether on the network or on-the-go and be notified of potential risks.

Be in control

One-click service activation and full visibility of system activities make effective management simple.

Improve productivity

Help keep your employees focused on business and don’t lose valuable hours. Simple and free to set up, Avast Business CloudCare is the fast, flexible and affordable answer to more protection, more control and more productivity.

Centralised dashboard

Provides visibility of your systems and generated alerts, showing infected devices, devices requiring attention, alert summary, a summary of browsing activity, device overview.


Keeps your network and employees safe from online threats with the latest protection.

Content Filtering

Reduces your exposure to web-distributed malware and limits personal use of the Internet.

Restriction level

Have the option to ‘Allow’, ‘Warn’ or ‘Block’ users attempting to access blacklisted/whitelisted sites. ON/OFF Work also allows you to set schedules to ‘Deny’ websites during working hours.

Real-time updates

The most current protection will be applied the moment your employees go online.

Private cloud

Company information is protected, encrypted and stored in Avast’s own secured data centre. The customer data is always held securely in a known location on known Avast servers with no outside or third party provider access allowed.

One-click service activation

Activate or de-activate services on a “pay-as-you-go” basis and only be billed for what you’ve used in any one month.

Monthly billing

  • No minimum contract fees. Simple pricing
  • No setup costs
  • No hardware or software changes mean no additional investment
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