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Client Case Study: Walking Free

Walking Free is a group spearheaded by founder John Edwards and is set up to provide education and emotional care for people and families affected by drug addiction. The group tours the UK and the world promoting their message. 

Visitors to the website who were looking for help and guidance with addiction, are introduced to the overview of the organisation and encouraged to view the video portals. Users are able to keep up to date on John Edwards’ mission through news stories.

What we did:

  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design build and CMS
  • Live JustGiving donation widget
  • Responsive Web Design video portal
  • Latest News live feed
  • Testimonials page and live feed
  • Animated social media icons

The brand we developed was influenced by the striking sober visuals of John Edwards’ videos. Shots of dilapidated and run down interiors were both striking and sobering, perfectly encapsulating the feelings of brokenness and desperation that relates to John Edwards’ experiences. However that same imagery is filled with hints of pastel and bright colours. This strong contrast is echoed through the bold colour scheme with bright strong pinks contrasting against white and charcoal, drawing attention to major calls to action. This results in a visually stimulating user experience, balancing the deep subject matter with the message of hope and recovery.

Take a look for yourself!