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Social Media Update: March


Twitter users around the world celebrated Twitter’s big 10 in the most appropriate way by using the hashtag #LoveTwitter to share all the hilarious, important and iconic moments spanning over the years.

Twitter also released a new feature which moves away from the traditional chronological Timeline we’ve gotten used to over the years in favour for a new personalised Timeline which isn’t in real-time. Many users were upset by this and started using the hashtag #RIPTwitter. However the CEO of Twitter @Jack responded to the outcry by assuring users that the new feature is optional.


Instagram has also made a massive change which isn’t optional. Since Instagram became a thing, the home feed showed content in a chronological order. Now Instagram has decided to implement a new personalised algorithm which tailors to users’ likes and their pre-existing relationships. Instagram chose to do this in an effort to tackle the problem of 70% of content being missed by users on their home feed when they aren’t on the app. You may have noticed many celebrities on Instagram asking their fans to subscribe to their posts in fear that their content won’t be seen under the new algorithm.

Advertisers with big budgets will probably love this change, however, those with smaller budgets may be disgruntled. With all the emphasis on making the user experienced more ‘personalised’ and less about mass content to in a chronological order, it is no wonder organic reach is dwindling. It is unlikely Instagram will suffer any substantial loss of users from this because of their massive 400 million user base, Facebook is still popular and they tested the waters by moving to a more personalised news feed a few years ago.


Facebook has been getting cosy with well-known names such as Spotify and Uber in an effort to keep the Facebook Messenger app ahead of the game and exciting for its massive 800+ million users. By integrating Spotify and Uber functionality into Messenger, users will be to share songs with their contacts, order cabs and make payments all within the Messenger app. It looks like Facebook is really putting their all into making the Messenger app cool and here to stay in the future.