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Setting up on Google Places

In your address toolbar enter the following
The following should be the displayed screen:

screen shot of Google places log in

Click Get started, which will take you to the login screen (see below)

screen shot of Google Places sign up screen

You will need a Google account - email account login details will suffice. If you don't have an account, click the SIGN UP red box in the top right corner of the page. This process is simple and straight forward. Once completed, navigate back to the screen as you see above using the previous steps, enter your details and sign in.

On the next screen, check the country information as it will possibly default to the US and change to the UK if so. Then enter the main number for your business which will be advertised on Google Places, this will also check their database for your business already being listed.

screen shot of set up process for Google Places

Once completed, click the FIND BUSINESS INFORMATION button - the following screen should be displayed.

Enter as much information as you can within the following fields, paying attention to the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk.

screen shot of set up process for Google Places edit info screen

You will then need to scroll down to the next sections completing them to suit your business description. Note the Location settings as you will need to ensure they are specific to your geographic location, particularly if you operate a multi-site organisation.

The following are screenshots of what you will see as you complete and scroll to the bottom of this section.

screen shot of set up process for Google Places

Once your additional details have been entered at the bottom ( an example has been provided to help ) the only thing left to do is scroll through and check you are happy with the details and click submit. You will be alerted if you have forgotten to complete anything that they require you to.

If you are told that This address doesn't have a clear marker location, you can force your location to the map by clicking in the tick box directly above the map of your area. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE CHECKED AND ARE HAPPY WITH WHERE THE SUGGESTED MARKER IS POINTING TO.

screen shot of set up process for Google Places company info screen

screen shot of set up process for Google Places

Once pressing SUBMIT you will be shown a view of all the details you have just entered...

screen shot of set up process for Google Places confirm post card screen

You will also be asked how you would like to validate your listing, again check the details are correct then click the FINISH button.