Video the ultimate marketing tool!

image of a monitor with a screen shot displaying ''build tv''

Build TV - your own video portal

A video portal is a mini website dedicated as a showcase for your videos, a bit like having your own YouTube! Built on a video delivery platform to ensure there are no playback issues even at peak times and delivering your video message to the world in all the required formats.

Portal Features

  • Multiple Channels to feature specific types of video e.g. New Product Releases, Training, Staff Induction etc.
  • Embedding code to add videos to particular website pages.
  • RSS Feeds from your channels
  • Podcast/Video cast with iTunes integration
  • FTP video upload, upload videos in any format
  • Fully Managed, Automatic Video Processing, your videos to suit all of the latest devices
  • Dynamic scrollable access to content
  • Google Analytics & Places integration
  • News feed integration
  • Contact Details & Contact form pages

Social Networking Icons incorporates all of your social media networks in one, so you can share your videos, a great way to spread your brand to a wider network.

Player Controls Intuitively updated video player
Publish Functionality to publish your videos anywhere you like with the embed code.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) foundations will help your videos be found through searches Live broadcast and RSS subscription services.


  • A controlled, managed internet based platform for you to get your message across
  • Plays through all the latest devices, iPhone, iPad & Android compatible video formats
  • A visual way for you to promote your work, events, festivals and key messages
  • A dedicated consultation tool to assist in policy and service decision making
  • A cost effective way to get your message across with significant savings compared to traditional methods
  • A source of advertising revenues to create an income stream for you
  • Huge cost saving option and environmentally friendly


  • A control panel to name videos, add descriptions and meta data
  • Upload your videos
  • All videos automatically processed after upload
  • Add channels and content to best organize your videos
  • Unique link to every video
  • Fully HTML 5 ready
  • Styled to fit your website branding & design
  • Autoplay switchable on/off

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