BuildCRM™ - Online Database & Marketing

Organise Your Contact Information

Our goal with BuildCRM™ is to provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-customise CRM application that can be adapted to your business. We have taken special care to think through many different use cases and have designed a system that we believe provides a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of out-of-the-box use cases. BuildCRM™ is capable of supporting your complex business processes, yet very simple to use.

On-line Calendar and Scheduler

The on-line calendar allows you to keep track of your business and personal appointments, group meetings, events and company-wide functions. Now it is easy to stay on top of everything you need to do while keeping you in sync with your team, department, office and the entire company. Even your remote/home workers can stay connected and be as up to date as if they're right in the same office.

Schedule meetings, events and appointments

  • Schedule recurring meetings and reminders to notify participant
  • Share your calendar with colleagues who need to know your schedule, while maintaining the privacy of your personal appointments and events
  • Access your calendar information from anywhere in the world
  • A flexible, powerful on-line planner for business and personal use
  • Enter calendar details, participants, recurrences, and reminders quickly so everyone stays informed
  • With the on-line calendar, keeping track of your day has never been easier

Task Management

BuildCRM™ takes the headache out of task management with its web-based task management software and allows you to quickly and easily plan your day, week and month by getting a day-to-day overview of all the tasks ahead of you. From as simple as cleaning the office to something as important as a follow-up call with a big client, BuildCRM™ has the solution you need to stay organised and on top of your job.

Get more done

Task management involves a lot more than post-it-notes on your monitor. With BuildCRM™ you have complete control over how you want to organise your task list. Customise the application to suit your needs - sort by start date, end date or priority. Get an overview of the day's tasks, week's tasks or even month's tasks.

Quickly reassign tasks to other employees or invite them to participate in a scheduled event like a boardroom meeting. You can also easily copy those who need to know, so your supervisors and other team members always know what you have planned. Furthermore, use the BuildCRM™ calendar and task management solution to keep track of your own personal events and tasks, like doctor's appointments or reminders to pick up your suit from the dry cleaners!

Prospect Management

Prospects can be added to the database by Website enquiry forms, Emails, 3rd party applications, Manual addition

Once in BuildCRM™, prospects can be contacted via SMS, bulk email or HTML e-shots

Contact Marketing Analytics

Get real-time insight into the success of your marketing programs. Now marketers across the organisation can track multi-channel campaigns. Track bulk email or e-shot success.

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